Welcome to my blog! Let me begin this blog with an introduction of myself and my knitting history.

My name is Kayden Spithaler and I’m 17. I was born and raised in the Evergreen State of Washington here in the Pacific Northwest. Since I’ve lived here my whole life, I enjoy the rain but I always look forward to the sunny and pleasant summers where I can try to get my pale skin of Norwegian heritage to be a little less Norwegian-ish.  I was home-schooled my whole life until recently, when I started college at South Puget Sound Community College in Olympia, Washington. I’ve been a Christian all my life and I look forward to the day when my eyes are filled with the glory of Heaven and eternity.

Now to my knitting history…

I have been knitting since roughly 2005. My mother and I went to our LYS (Little Yarn Shop), Canvas Works, in the wonderful capital city of Washington, and learned to knit. I had a skein of worsted weight Lamb’s Pride in a periwinkle blue. I went home and knit. I laid on the floor, head propped up against a pillow, and knit until I didn’t have to look at the knitting, so I could watch the movie that my family was watching. It was a marvelous feeling, to be making something with my own two hands, albeit riddled with mistakes.

I had about 10 inches of scarf when a lady from church invited me to a knit night at a Ben Franklin Crafts store that she went to. As I was sitting there knitting on my scarf, the instructor woman came over and declared to me that my knitting was too tight and insisted that I rip it out. I, of course, said no. I did not want to rip out my hard work. But much to my dismay, she took it from me and proceeded to rip out. Rows and rows, nearly all of my periwinkle blue scarf, was ripped out. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. I went home and cried.

My mom and I didn’t knit for several years after that. I was too sad to pick it up again (I was still about 8 or 9) and then forgot about it; my mom just didn’t really have time for it. But then we moved and a couple years after our move, a lovely LYS popped up in a nearby town. This LYS was called Yellow House Yarns. It was a marvelous store with wonderful employees. This store really kicked my mom and I into gear and we started knitting much more. Several months after first going there, one of the store owners asked me if I wanted to knit a display shawl in exchange for in-store credit. I said “YES”. I picked out a ball of Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball in the Cranberries colorway. This was the first major project that I had ever done, and I loved it. At the age of 13, I had already knit a shawl.

I have continued to knit since then. Finished Objects (FO’s) include: a sweater (that I don’t wear that often as it fits a little oddly); two shawls; 4 pairs of socks; 3 pairs of fingerless gloves; many dishrags; and numerous hats, which include cabled, color work, and lace patterns. I recently finished a pair of My Cup of Tea socks and an Audrey Hat (by Jessie Roselyn for Tolt Yarn and Wool) for this month’s Fringe Hat Along and am currently working on a pair of Woodruff (by Jared Flood of Brooklyn Tweed) mitts.

My main goal for this blog is to publish my experiences with my knitting and fiber crafting, along with other life happenings. But mostly fiber related stuff. So join me in this new adventure, if you will.



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